Name Change

Click here to watch Pastor Jeremiah’s message on explaining the meaning and vision of the name.

Who we already are…

The mission of our church has always been and will always be to glorify God by making disciples (Matt. 28:19-20). Since 2013, God has established a culture here within our local gathering. Our name change is not proposing a change in that. We believe that as a church body, we have embraced a culture of these five things…

We are Biblical
We are Vertical
We are Relational
We are Intentional
We are Missional

This is what we believe God has called us to be, who we have become, and has been what identifies us as uncommon within our community. We are the same church, with the same mission, and the same heart!

With that being said, we believe that our name change will only help to clarify the identity which our church already embodies. As the elders have prayed, fasted, talked and sought counsel from others inside and outside of the church, we believe the Lord has led us to the name…

Reclamation Church

We believe that changing our name will help us to accomplish 4 things that will lead to communicating our mission and vision in a more excellent and precise way. The Name Change…

  • Establishes Us

We are an autonomous local church, and we always have been. We have 5 elders that govern the vision and direction of our church, and we believe this to be a biblical church structure. When we planted in 2013, we were a part of Harvest Bible Fellowship out of Chicago, but that fellowship dissolved as of June of 2017. Because of sin and wrong decisions in Chicago, the name Harvest Bible Chapel has become a hindrance to our mission here in Pittsburgh. The Lord clearly showed us that a name change was needed to establish our own contextualized mission and vision for the greater Pittsburgh area.

  • Connects Us

The greater Pittsburgh area is beautiful, unique and unlike any other locality in the country. With every region, comes its own unique history, culture, traditions, struggles and needs. In order to connect and engage our community on a deeper level, we want a name that connects us to our culture, and to our history. When you look at the greater Pittsburgh area, it is evident that we are a region being restored and reclaimed!

One great illustration of reclamation can be seen in the transformation of an old coal mine, just west of Downtown Pittsburgh…

A story of Reclamation: Botanic Garden in Pittsburgh.

  • Launches Us

A year ago, we brought pastor Steven Canfield here to plant a church in Greensburg. We started praying and asking God what the church plant was going to look like and how it was going to be connected with our church here. In that process, when we came up with the name Reclamation Church, and upon deciding this name, it was with the potential of us changing our name to that also. We announced this in our Vision Meeting back in August of 2018, as we felt the Lord lay out the vision for us to plant 5 churches that would be a movement of Gospel-centered Discipleship, Expositional teaching and Christ exalting worship in the greater Pittsburgh area. We believe that God was showing us a vision for a movement back then, that has put us in a position to launch into now!

  • Identifies Us 

We are a people reclaimed by Jesus for the good of the city, and the glory of God.”

We believe every individual was made in the Image of God, but because of sin, we became polluted, a wasteland in spiritual terms and old coal mine with no coal in it. Yet, we were reclaimed by Jesus! (Eph. 2:1-10, Col 1:21-22) The word Reclaim in Webster’s Dictionary is defined as: To rescue from an undesirable state. This was us, we were reclaimed by Jesus from an undesirable state in order to be on mission for Jesus, until He comes back again for the final reclamation. (Revelation 21)

We are a reclaimed people, in a reclaimed building, living in a reclaimed city and reclaiming others by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as we wait for the final reclaiming- when God makes “all things new”. Yes, it describes our city, it describes our church building, but more than that it describes who we are as the church. Our mission has always been to “make disciples”, and with this name change, we believe that our identity as disciple makers will only become clearer to those around us!


What if I don’t like the new name? One of the things we discovered in this process is that it is far easier to critique a name than to create a name. Every name has shortcomings. Two people can hear the same name with completely different reactions based on their past experiences. Over time, a name simply becomes the accepted norm, no matter how strange. (Think of it, who in their right mind would name a computer, “Apple”? It seems to be working for them.) A name is important, but it is not ultimate. Don’t make any name a bigger deal than it is. Remember, Jesus is the name above every name.

When will we start using the name?  Feel free to get the word out. You may need to say “Reclamation Church, formerly Harvest Bible Chapel Pittsburgh East.” It will take several months for us to make all the necessary changes (digital, physical, signage, etc.). Our goal is to be official shortly after Easter!

What name do I write on my offering check? It is important that you continue to make your checks payable to “Harvest Bible Chapel Pittsburgh East” until we make the necessary changes with our financial institutions. We will make it widely known when to change your designation.