MOVE Campaign

CLICK HERE to download the official "Move" Campaign Brochure.

  • This resource outlines the most in-depth information on the 3-year MOVE campaign, including Harvest's history, the building opportunity presented and the associated financial need.  Click on the Brochure that was given out during the Harvest Worship Service on Sunday, April 10th, 2016, before reading below.

CLICK HERE to download the "Move" Campaign Commitment Card.

  • This Commitment Card will be used to track ongoing giving and family pledges throughout the MOVE Campaign.  Families will have the opportunity to give a "First-Fruits" offering for the campaign, along with their Commitment Card that outlines their 3-year financial pledge.

CLICK HERE to download the "Move" 14-Day Prayer Guide.

  • Everyone at Harvest has been encouraged to utilize this 14-Day Prayer Guide as a daily tool to collectively focus our prayers regarding the MOVE Campaign.  It begins on Monday, April 18th and leads right up to "Commitment Sunday" on May 1st, including prayer prompts for other Harvest churches, ministries at Harvest Pittsburgh East, specific facets of the building project and the MOVE Campaign.


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.'s):

Why does Harvest need a building?

  • Pastor Jeremiah answers this question with 5 words: Permanency, Stewardship, Effectiveness, Leadership and Training.  The descriptions of these needs can be found in the MOVE brochure and in Pastor Jeremiah's "Family Chat" message from March 20th, 2016, which can be watched or listened to HERE.

Why not just continue to meet at Gateway Middle School?

  • Gateway Middle School (GMS) is in a precarious position as it currently stands.  Gateway School District is in the midst of changing leadership and has utilized a consulting firm to restructure the declining student population - 2 of the 3 remaining strategies that will be implemented for the 2017-2018 school year include shutting down GMS, rezoning it as a commericial lot and selling it for upwards of $15m.  While this is not at all a driving force for seeking a permanent building, it is a factor that there is a good chance we may be asked to not meet at GMS in the next 2 years.

What will happen to the Harvest office?

  • A new, permanent church home will allow us to consolidate the many ministries that we're doing at various locations.  Instead of having events at other local churches and hotels, hosting meetings at the HBC offices and worship services at Gateway Middle School - we would be able to have all events happen on the new Harvest 5-acre campus.

Is there enough parking at the facility?

  • We anticipate being able to park 140-150 cars on site with the target goal of being able to accomodate 400 people in one service.  We are currently averaging between 100-110 cars per Sunday at Gateway Middle School.

Are we sitting in chairs or keeping the existing pews?

  • The plan is to have padded chairs that lock together and have a rack under them for communion cups and Bibles.  Chairs are more comfortable than pews, maximize space for larger attendance and allow the room to be used for multiple purposes with their portability.

How many people will the Worship Center fit?

  • Our target numbers based on the available parking and the size of the building is 400 people on site (in the Worship Center and HarvestKids) in one service.  The Worship Center will have approximately 300 chairs.

What about the prospect of moving to 2 services?

  • This building would allow us marginal growth, but not expotential growth - we recognize that.  We don't pretend to know the future, but we're continually evaluating our weekly attendance with this issue in mind.  We want to continually be found faithful in making disciples, so if God brings us the people - we're willing to do whatever possible to disciple them.  A plan of moving to 2 services would not be rolled out without careful planning and coordination among all of the Harvest ministries and volunteers that we value greatly.

Will there be volunteers helping in any way or will the remodeling be done by a contracted company?

  • The plan is to use volunteers where we can, especially with the clean-up, painting and minor installations, but the scale of the work and getting it done in a timely way requires that we bring in professionals for the actual remodel.

When can we expect to occupy the new building and begin holding Worship Services?

  • Our hope is to hold worship services in the new building in early 2017.  Our timeline for renovations is very much in flux right now and will depend greatly upon financial pledges made during the "Move" campaign.

Does the congregation get a say in how the building is designed and renovated?

  • As Elders, we've selected a Building Design Team, made up of Harvest members, that will make such decisions.  This team will employ the services of a professional designer to help us tie the entire property together in an attractive and contemporary way.  Feel free to e-mail your suggestions to or fill out the form below.

How can I get involved?

  • For this vision to become a reality, we need EVERYONE to give sacrificially with their finances.  If you have specific skills of craftsmanship, construction, commericial installation, or a desire to help with physical labor - we'd love to hear from you.  There will be many opportunities to serve on site.  Please e-mail us at with what skills you have, what you're able to contribute and when you're available to do it.

Can I start giving towards the project now?

  • Absolutely yes!  First of all, please pray with your family about what God would have you sacrifically give during the "First-Fruits" offering on May 1, 2016, when we make our 3-year pledge commitments.
  • Secondly, CLICK HERE to be redirected to our Online Giving page.  For your donation to be used for the "Move" Campaign, simply type your monetary donation amount in the "Building Fund" category under the "Where are the Funds Going" section.


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